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Pre-Order a Limited Edition Shirt As A Donation!

Hey, champions of mental health!

We're thrilled to unveil something special that's close to our hearts at Hear My Cry Foundation. Introducing three new, limited-edition print designs created especially for Hear My Cry Foundation and its cause! These unique designs are not just shirts; they're a statement, a symbol of your commitment to supporting mental health and suicide prevention.

How You Can Participate:

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook pages and let your voice be heard! We're letting YOU decide which design will grace these soft, high-quality unisex shirts. Comment on your favorite design, and the one with the most love will be selected for production. Follow us on social media while you're at it too!

Visit Our Instagram:

Visit Our Facebook:

Pre-Order Your Impact:

Ready to wear your support? Pre-order your chosen design now! Click the button link below to pre-order now. Your purchase isn't just a stylish addition to your wardrobe; it's a meaningful donation to the Hear My Cry Foundation. As these are likely limited editions, now is your chance to grab a unique wearable symbol of support for mental health. Every shirt pre-ordered contributes directly to our mission of raising awareness and supporting mental health initiatives.

More Designs Coming Soon:

Exciting news doesn't stop here! Stay tuned for more custom shirts, and who knows, we might even print all three designs if the response is as fantastic as we expect.

Let's wear our commitment loud and proud. Together, we can make a difference—one shirt at a time. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey at Hear My Cry Foundation.

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